Friday, March 22, 2013

Putting Away Winter Sewing

Every year I find it difficult to switch my sewing seasons. It's hard to imagine wearing that little spaghetti strap dress when you're having a blizzard. Even worse is sewing wool in the heat of Summer. Just the tactile experience is miserable.
 It's so lovely sewing cashmere on a cold dreary March day, but it's time to pack away all cold weather sewing . I'm finding it painful, to say the least.
I can stretch out the men's sewing just because men's clothing is a bit less seasonal but wool dresses? They've got to be tagged and stored. Even the ones that are halfway finished. Ugh.
So the idea of this post is partially to give myself encouragement by showing you some new, bright, Spring/Summer clothes. Some of them have already been sold. You'd think that would be encouraging all by itself.
Going Biking Skirt
back view

details, details, details

Button-down shirt skirt

even an extra side pocket

Super Spring Skirt. Lots of mill end fabrics in this one


  1. I'm loving your blog! You have some super cute and creative refashions on here for sure! I love these skirts. I've been meaning to make more skirts for summer, but we still have a bunch of snow on the ground here. :(

  2. I just found your blog and had a great smile while reading it
    I can feel your joy in your sewing