Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flash Fashion October

Just had my fourth Flash Fashion show at Portland's Artwalk. The temp. was about 50* and the models were frozen. I've spent the last week making everyone an outerlayer . Still it was really cold and my beautiful models had to remove their coats at least once to reveal their beautiful clothes. Oh! The cost of fame!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slacker Blogging

I'm getting ready for September's Flash Fashion show and have neglected  both of my upcycling Facebook pages and my blog. Apparently sewing wins. However I always try to do two things at once and it's always a mistake. I am ripping out the seam on a shirt arm where I attached it upside down. So I stopped for a minute to  write it down. I guess that's still two things but, you know, they're not exactly at the same time, more of a progression.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


RickRack Upcycled Clothing brought out the crowds at
Portland's First Friday Artwalk.This month, we walked the
 gold wrapping paper runway again in Monument Square.
Fewer models were available this month,
with many away on vacation or entertaining visitors.
With that in mind, we worked at slowing down our pace .

It was great to have a working  music system. We also had a microphone 
so each outfit could be described. Definitely some big improvements.

                     Can't wait to see what next month brings

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been working on warm weather clothing as the temperatures have soared here in Maine. Unfortunately my sewing space was almost 90 degrees on several days. Not inspiring.                                                Multiwhite "backwards love" knit skirt with fold back waist

 Portland Music Foundation skinny tank with criss/cross back

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flash Fashion at Portland's First Friday Artwalk

Portland, Maine is a city filled with artists and art of every kind.
 Music, theater, dance and visual arts all are abundantly
 represented. Every month throughout the year
Portland holds a First Friday Artwalk. People meander along
 the streets deciding what venue to visit next.
One can wander into a gallery or listen to live music.
To add to the experience there are street performances
 throughout the city.

So it seemed like a perfect idea to have a fashion show
 in the middle of it all.
Okay, perfect might not be the best way to describe
 the event, but FUN definitely works.
I quickly learned a lot about organizing a fashion show

The show was labelled Flash Fashion. It wasn't quite flash.
 There was some notice beforehand, but not much.
 My original idea was that any outdoor fashion show in
the middle of a city square is surprising no matter what.
We closed off the area and taped down
a paper catwalk. We set up small lights to create
some mood lighting. This didn't work at all but 
at least there was still daylight 

Finally we were ready to walk the gold paper runway
 that crossed the brick and cobblestone square.
 It looked enough like a fashion show to create
the proper atmosphere. At this point we realized our
 planned music wasn't loud enough.
 Not foreseen obviously.

Then the greatest thing happened.
 The drummer from Dark Follies, a Portland street theater troupe,
 volunteered to play some wonderful samba rhythms
 for our background music.
A saving grace for our show and a wonderful
sound to energize the whole event.

With little intro, we strode out one by one
to show off  my upcycled clothing.
What a funny feeling to see all my designs out in the world.
 The models were friends who generously gave it their all.

What a beautiful group. I couldn't have asked for more.
They saw the fun and each model brought a different and
personal quality to the evening.

These were real people wearing real clothes
and each one looking pleased to be dressed as they were.

I sew something most days and can be in my studio
alone with little interruption. Solitude pleases me and yet
the world has to see what I make for it to be a successful endeavor.

I don't want to spend time
 promoting my designs!
I want to design!

Art however, cannot stay a solitary pursuit if it is ever
 to be a business. Though we like to think of art for art's sake,
 most people who create, still need to make a living.
Many do something outside of their artistic realm.
I have hopes that  RickRack Upcycled will be a successful business.
 On the other hand I don't suppose there's much chance
 I'll ever stop making, It's what I do and it is also
without question who I gladly am.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Street Fashion

RickRackUpcycled is having a flash fashion show this weekend at Portland, Maine's First Friday Art Walk. Models will strut their stuff and show off some truly beautiful upcycled clothing.
If you're in New England, this is a cool event within a cool event.
Please join us in Monument Square, Portland at 7:30 on Friday, July 1

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stencilling is a great ways to add new design elements
 to upcycled clothing. Stencils by their nature make
extremely flat images.
These photos, though hard to figure out, are stencils
shown in a new way. All of the stencils shown are cut from
acetate, except the hand shape which is made of cardboard. 
In their many printings ,each has been either sprayed with
paint or hand printed.  This leaves ghostly
 after-images around the openings.
 In these photographs, they overlap and are transformed
  into mysterious and beautiful abstact figures. .
                                                    Photographs by Sean Parrott-Wolfe

Monday, June 20, 2011


reverse applique on Like Moths to a Flame shirt

mountain goat dress with vintage buttons

jacket details