Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flash Fashion at Portland's First Friday Artwalk

Portland, Maine is a city filled with artists and art of every kind.
 Music, theater, dance and visual arts all are abundantly
 represented. Every month throughout the year
Portland holds a First Friday Artwalk. People meander along
 the streets deciding what venue to visit next.
One can wander into a gallery or listen to live music.
To add to the experience there are street performances
 throughout the city.

So it seemed like a perfect idea to have a fashion show
 in the middle of it all.
Okay, perfect might not be the best way to describe
 the event, but FUN definitely works.
I quickly learned a lot about organizing a fashion show

The show was labelled Flash Fashion. It wasn't quite flash.
 There was some notice beforehand, but not much.
 My original idea was that any outdoor fashion show in
the middle of a city square is surprising no matter what.
We closed off the area and taped down
a paper catwalk. We set up small lights to create
some mood lighting. This didn't work at all but 
at least there was still daylight 

Finally we were ready to walk the gold paper runway
 that crossed the brick and cobblestone square.
 It looked enough like a fashion show to create
the proper atmosphere. At this point we realized our
 planned music wasn't loud enough.
 Not foreseen obviously.

Then the greatest thing happened.
 The drummer from Dark Follies, a Portland street theater troupe,
 volunteered to play some wonderful samba rhythms
 for our background music.
A saving grace for our show and a wonderful
sound to energize the whole event.

With little intro, we strode out one by one
to show off  my upcycled clothing.
What a funny feeling to see all my designs out in the world.
 The models were friends who generously gave it their all.

What a beautiful group. I couldn't have asked for more.
They saw the fun and each model brought a different and
personal quality to the evening.

These were real people wearing real clothes
and each one looking pleased to be dressed as they were.

I sew something most days and can be in my studio
alone with little interruption. Solitude pleases me and yet
the world has to see what I make for it to be a successful endeavor.

I don't want to spend time
 promoting my designs!
I want to design!

Art however, cannot stay a solitary pursuit if it is ever
 to be a business. Though we like to think of art for art's sake,
 most people who create, still need to make a living.
Many do something outside of their artistic realm.
I have hopes that  RickRack Upcycled will be a successful business.
 On the other hand I don't suppose there's much chance
 I'll ever stop making, It's what I do and it is also
without question who I gladly am.

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  1. I am SO glad to find this blog and know you are putting your glory out in the world!