Saturday, November 24, 2012

Refashion Co-op: Refashioned Miniskirt to Bag by RickRack Upcycled

I found this miniskirt that reminded me so much of my teenaged wardrobe. I'm no longer a miniskirt wearer, but I wanted to do something with this. I started with the skirt, a belt and some scrap from a knit shirt.

It needed something more and so I printed it with a linoleum  block that I had previously cut and added circles cut from my scrap piece as applique. It needed a bit more color which I supplied with a new ribbon for the lacing. Then it was just a matter of turning it inside out and cutting the shape to where I liked it. A bit of stitching and I had my bag. I eventually lined it as well to make a nicer finish. And very cool, 4 outside pockets!

Happy inventing, Suzanne

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Fall round-up of events is just beginning. I'll be presenting at River Tree Arts' PechaKucha. Very excited to be discussing upcycling with a new audience