Friday, May 27, 2011

All right. I can't stop sewing just yet. And maybe a tiny bit of printing too.

Queen City Craft Bazaar

I'm crazy busy getting ready for Queen City Craft Fair in Burlington. Realized I should probably stop sewing and do inventory and tag. Counted out 72 pieces with no sewn-in tags, and all of the clothes need price and content tags. AAAAAAAAAAAAH.
I'm feeling proud though that there's this much inventory in the first place. Lots of funkier pieces with the more basic ones. Hopefully something for everyone

Friday, May 13, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Believes in Quality Over Quantity, Also Art Galleries
by Jasmin Malik Chua, 05/13/11
“What I’m really saying is, buy less and choose well. I would like quality rather than quantity. I don’t believe growth is okay if it means one man’s advantage is another man’s disadvantage. I try to concentrate on quality clothing and accessories that are worth having, and to get my people to take less trips by air and stay longer each time they travel. It’s more human, especially if they take time to visit an art gallery while there.”
—Legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, speaking in the June 2011 issue of British Marie Claire

I often post information from Maiwa even though they are not an upcycling site. Maiwa works directly with village craftspeople to create viable livelihoods and to sustain the voice of handcraft in all its complexity and simple necessity. They help local economies, preserve craft methods and materials and bring beautiful things to and from other cultures.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Huipiles of Oaxaca HandEye Magazine

"HAND/EYE is an independent, international publication which explores the nexus between design and development, culture and commerce, art and craft, and environment and ethics. HAND/EYE’s goal is to engender intelligent debate among artisans, exporters, designers, artists, wholesalers and importers, retailers, and consumers so that all may make smart, ethical, and inspired decisions about their activities."