Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slacker Blogging

I'm getting ready for September's Flash Fashion show and have neglected  both of my upcycling Facebook pages and my blog. Apparently sewing wins. However I always try to do two things at once and it's always a mistake. I am ripping out the seam on a shirt arm where I attached it upside down. So I stopped for a minute to  write it down. I guess that's still two things but, you know, they're not exactly at the same time, more of a progression.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


RickRack Upcycled Clothing brought out the crowds at
Portland's First Friday Artwalk.This month, we walked the
 gold wrapping paper runway again in Monument Square.
Fewer models were available this month,
with many away on vacation or entertaining visitors.
With that in mind, we worked at slowing down our pace .

It was great to have a working  music system. We also had a microphone 
so each outfit could be described. Definitely some big improvements.

                     Can't wait to see what next month brings