Friday, June 29, 2012

Blogging Again

Okay, it's been a long stretch without a word from RickRack. I kind of lost steam last Fall and then lost my ritual of writing.
Fresh page and lots of news.
First off RickRack started our second year of Flash Fashion shows at Portland's Artwalk. June was a scramble as I didn't think I would do the shows this year. The thing that changed my mind, you may ask? Requests! Suddenly it seemed that no matter where I went, people would say they were looking forward to this year's shows or they had heard about them and planned to catch at least one this Summer. Clearly I needed to rethink my plans. Not many photos but definitely a taste of the fun.
The other news is that RickRack now has a steady selling venue. Two very brave and ambitious folks started a craft and flea market in Portland this Spring. Portland Flea for All is a great spot to spend some weekend time. From furniture and homegoods to records, vintage clothing and all manner of beautiful hand-crafts. They are in a fantastic space on the corner of Elm St. and Kennebec, near Bayside Bowl, Trader Joe's and Marginal Way. Stop by any Saturday or Sunday 10-5 and enjoy. RickRack will be there every Sunday.

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